Paulist Associates

Paulist Associates

The Paulist Associates are a group of lay people who, after careful prayer and discernment, pledge to actively work with and pray for the Paulist Fathers. They grow in the spirituality of the Paulist Founder, Fr. Isaac Hecker, and of the broader Paulist Community. In their personal lives, they look for opportunities to reflect the fundamental Paulist apostolic commitments to evangelization, ecumenism and reconciliation.

Paulist Associate Promise:

I believe that I am drawn by the Holy Spirit to the spirituality and qualities of the Paulist Community. I have discerned both by prayer and study that God calls me to become associated with the Paulists. I promise that I will pray for the works of the Paulist Society, meet with others, who are also members of the Paulist Associates, for spiritual sharing and formation; and I seek to embody the apostolic qualities of the Paulists in my daily life.

Attentive to the Holy Spirit and faithful to the example of St. Paul and the charism of Father Isaac Hecker, I commit myself for one year of membership in the Paulist Associates.

Contact Fr. Rene at or (616) 459-7267 x1810 for more information.


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Paulist Associates National Director

Frank Desiderio, CSP
Paulist General Office
New York, NY 10023

Board Members

Angie Barbieri
Toronto, ON, Canada

Paula Cuozzo
Boston, MA

Cathy Hoekstra
Grand Rapids, MI

Mike Kallock, CSP

Terry Modica
Tampa, FL

Paul Robichaud, CSP