Catechist Certification

Many programs offered at the CIC may be taken for credit toward Catechist Certification for the Diocese of Grand Rapids.  After attending the class in person, watching it live or as a video on demand, go to the Catechist Certification Credit Form.  Fill out the form and answer the reflection questions.  The completed form needs to be printed and submitted to your parish Religious Education Director.

Content Dimensions (CFD) are listed at the end of each program description.
Spirituality – The personal spiritual growth and development of the Catechist/teacher.
Theology – Having a deep understanding of the foundations, mysteries and sacramental basis of the Catholic faith.
Evangelization – Things that we do for the other, i.e. go out to them, learn methods, techniques, processes for teaching, learn ways of spreading the Gospel.

Catechist Certification Form: Click Here

More information on Catechist Resources at the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

CIC Video-on-Demand Classes for Certification Credit

Please click the link below, it will take you to our CIC YouTube page that lists all our On-Demand and recently Live-Streamed programs.

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