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Spirituality of Waiting
Presented by Fr. Bernie Campbell, CSP
Wed, Dec. 9 & 16, 10am-Noon 
$10 Donation Requested
Advent is upon us...a season of waiting for the God who comes in majesty, mystery and history.  The...

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December 2014
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014
  CIC Closed at Noon
Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014
  Christmas Eve- CIC Closed
Thursday, Dec 25, 2014
  Christmas Day - CIC closed
Friday, Dec 26, 2014
  CIC closed
Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014
  4:30pm New Year´s Eve -CIC Closed
January 2015
Thursday, Jan 1, 2015
  New Year´s Day- CIC closed
Friday, Jan 2, 2015
  CIC closed

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Meet our newest CIC staff member

Fr. Bernie Campbell, CSP

Spirituality of Waiting

Wed, December 9 & 16, 10am-noon

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