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I Confess to Almighty God

Father John Geaney has been listening to confessions for 46 years and going to confession even longer! All of this practice has prepared him to offer some tips on how to make the Sacrament of Reconciliation more "user friendly" and meaningful for folks. This three session course will include:
• Bless Me Father How did the practice begin? Were Irish monks really responsible for confession as we know it today? Who were the Jansenists and how did they get involved in mucking it up?
•  For I Have Sinned Who determines what a sin is? What do we mean by the terms "conscience" and "free will"? If I'm free, how come I can't do anything I want? Why do I need to confess my sins to a priest? How often should I go to confession?
• It's been (How Long?)Since my Last Confession When you've been away from confession for a long time – what do you do to get back to it? What are the other forms of the sacrament (i.e. Communal penance services) and how do they work? What if I have been hurt by the Church or one of its members? What programs/services are available to me to help me heal and get reconnected?

Fr.John Geaney, CSP
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